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TOXIK Are Back Baby! Gear Up For The Thrash Attack Of "Breaking Class"

It will give you a heart heart heart attack!

It will give you a heart heart heart attack!

It's been 28 years since Toxik's last studio release and after years of one-off festival appearances, small European tours and highly select American dates, it seems like Toxik are ready to take over the globe once again. Back on top of the thrash metal world with their new EP, the thrilling Breaking Class, you immediately see that Toxik are just as pissed off as ever. Perhaps most notable about Breaking Class is that the band have reintegrated classic era vocalist Charlie Sabin into the band, the voice of the bands highly influential Think This album. This new offering is a record that touches on everything that we have loved about Toxik over the years, it has the mind blowing technicality, highly political lyrics and just enough of a tongue in cheek attitude to remain fun. Breaking Class can't help but to excite the listener with driving and dynamic tunes that hearken back to the good old days of thrash metal and reminds us exactly why Toxik were such an influential group to begin with.

A band known for their presence as a patch on the back of every battle jacket as much as their music itself, Toxik were always in a league of their own. Fusing crossover DRI type thrash with more technical Megadeth-esque ideas this band represented some of the weirder sides of the American thrash metal movement and definitely brought the New York thrash sound into strange new places. This record is very much a tribute to that, but also one that hints at a bold new future for these heavy metal stalwarts.

Stream Breaking Class now:

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