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New TOWER EP Tomorrow and Yesterday Offers Old-School New York City Rock Vibes

Posted by on October 18, 2019 at 12:28 pm

Tower has burst onto the Brooklyn scene in recent years. They played rock and roll in the grand old style with bombastic vocals and harmonized guitars.

In a scene where every band is attempting to be artsier than the last, Tower brought the magic of heavy metal to the big stage. I'll never forgot the first time I saw them in a wonderful dive bar called the Acheron (RIP). I was not ready for the sublime blast of rock and roll energy which they unleashed on that tiny stage.

Tower felt like they were about to fall apart, but that was part of the fun. Vocalist Sarabeth Linden holds the whole thing together in her vintage 70s jumpsuit, and the band was utterly mesmerizing. The over the top look and high powered music was like something out of a dream. Over the next few months, I would take many of my friends to see this band who simply reeked of rock and roll magic. There just wasn't anything else in Brooklyn that sounded or looked like them.

After a short hiatus, the band returned with a revamped lineup and new music. Tower had been hinting at something on the horizon for months now, and it is our honor to premier it. Their new EP, Tomorrow And Yesterday is masterful. It's a healthy dose of high octane rock and roll. Linden is back at the fore with her meteoric voice driving the band forward. Dealing in driving rhythms and a double helping of fun, this is a record best enjoyed while careening down the highway with the top down and the radio all the way up.

Jam the EP here:

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