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SPELLJAMMER Launches You Into Space With New Song "Lake"

If you're in the mood for house-destroying riffs, you'll this one.


Swedish doom purveyor Spelljammer is back after five years with a brand new song called "Lake". If you're in the mood for house-destroying riffs and spacey atmospheres, then you're going to love this one. Especially considering the lyrical themes of space travel and the ultimate downfall of mankind.

"The lyrical themes we address, like the ultimate doom of man, and the search and longing for new and better worlds, are still there," said bassist and vocalist Niklas Olsson. "The concept of something undiscovered out there in vast emptiness is pretty much always present."

Spelljammer will release Abyssal Trip on February 26. The album was mixed by Spelljammer guitarist Robert Sörling and mastered by Monolord drummer Esben Willems at Berserk Audio. Pre-orders are available here.

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