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It's a crusher.


Slower is the brand new, all-Slayer cover band that takes thrash classics and slows 'em way the fuck down. The end result is an aural beating of a whole different kind. The full lineup behind the glacial glory of Slower is:

"The main riff to 'South Of Heaven' was what started the entire Slower project," said Balch. "Once I demoed that riff, I knew that this record had to be made eventually. I was teaching a student so we slowed down the riff. I thought it would be really cool to tune down and play it heavy and make it doomy.

"This is the only song on the record that features Laura Pleasants on vocals and Scott Reeder on bass. The main structure/demo of this recording goes back to 2020. Now, almost four years later, I’m super stoked that people get to hear it. Enjoy."

You can check out the band's take on 'South Of Heaven" below. Slower will release their devastating debut record on January 24. Pre-orders are available here.

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New Music

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