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SHAPE OF DESPAIR Stays Doomed With New Single "Dissolution"

What better time for funeral doom?

Shape Of Despair 2022
Photo by Henri Koivula

Shape Of Despair is now streaming their doomed new single "Dissolution" off their coming new album Return To The Void. The album is Shape Of Despair's first new record since 2015, and is the perfect soundtrack to this gloomy-as-all-hell winter.

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"Not long after Monotony Fields [in 2015], I started composing for Return To The Void," said guitarist and founding Shape Of Despair member Jarno Salomaa. "At first, the title song sounded too primitive. I thought I would make a solo album out of it, but after a while, the song reminded me of older Raven material. Naturally and eventually, it started to feel like a Shape Of Despair song."

Return To The Void is out February 25. Pre-orders are available here.

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