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SENTIENT HORROR Bring Death Metal Insanity On New Track

Sentient Horror bring the pit from New Jersey to your speakers!

Sentient Horror 2019_2

Sentient Horror have built a reputation as one of the best death metal bands out of the New Jersey scene. Their technical take on old school death metal is thrilling and over the top. The band are currently gearing up to release their next full length, Morbid Realms. The album will be a co-release by Redefining Darkness Records and Testimony Records.

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It is our honor to get to premier the first track from Morbid Realms, 'Call Of Ancient Gods.’ It's a dynamic rager from a band who seem determined to take on the world. With flashy guitar lines roaring out over chainsaw guitars, Sentient Horror show their songwriting has only improved with this latest effort. ‘Call Of Ancient Gods’ acts as a logical growth on the previous work from the band. There is an intensity here that fascinates the listener. By the time the track wraps up it’s clear that Sentient Horror have unleashed a bona fide pit starter.

Frontman and lead guitarit Matt Moliti had this to say:

Inspired by how some of my favorite Death metal records such as Necroticism, Left Hand Path, and Unorthodox, open with a sprawling epic track full of twists and turns, I wanted Morbid Realms to do the same.

Listen here:


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