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Resist Violently With POWERFLO's (Ex-FEAR FACTORY, CYPRESS HILL) Debut Single, "Resistance"

Dudes from Biohazard, Downset, and Worst too!

Dudes from Biohazard, Downset, and Worst too!

Powerflo, the new band that features Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-Fear Factory), Billy Graziadei (Biohazard), Rogelio Lozano (ex-Downset.), and Fernando Schaefer (Worst), will be releasing its debut album on June 23 via New Damage Records, and given the lineup of the group, it's exactly what you'd expected – fucking killer, heavy, groovy rap metal!

We've been given the privilege to premiere the band's debut song "Resistance" today, which is great considering it's given us more time to listen to the song. "Resistance" is hard-as-hell hitting musically, and the lyrical delivery overtop makes the song basically impossible to listen to just once.

Here's what Sen Dog had to say about the lyric video and song.

"We’re here to make honest music. It’s not about pleasing anybody or confirming anything. We’re creating from a pure place. We worked our asses off. It’s not a one-time thing. It’s just the first Powerflo album. There’s much more to come…"

Pre-order Powerflo here physically, help out via Pledge Music here, and pre-order digitally here.

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