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OVERT ENEMY Offer Thrash Punishment with "Possession"

Want an in your face thrash attack? Overt Enemy bring it, and they bring it hard!

Band Promo Pic – Overt Enemys

Overt Enemy started out as a Slayer cover band, but have very quickly evolved into one of the dominant thrash acts in South Texas. Their hard hitting assault first scorched the earth in 2018 with their Inception EP. Now, they are preparing to release a second EP, Possession due out August 9th. Produced by local hotshot Joshua Lopez of Widowmaker Studios (Immortal GuardianGorgos) this promises to be the next step for the band. Today we are honored to share with you their first single and lyric video from the new record, also titled 'Possession.' The band brings forward their heavy thrash attack here and sets the tone for what the rest of the EP holds.

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Guitarist Rob Hahn had this to say:

We strive to write lyrics that make you think. During the writing process we discussed the various ways that one might be “possessed”, influenced or controlled by an external source and had the realization that we are all “possessed” by our tech and that tech is for many their most valued possession. So the song ended up being direct commentary on humanity’s current addiction to technology and connectivity.

Meanwhile, guitarist/vocalist Leo Ortiz states:

Possession is the next step in Overt Enemy’s evolution as an original act and musical style moving forward blending our thrash, death and groove metal influences with aggressive clean vocal delivery and ass kickin’ Texas attitude.

Check out the Scott Rudd animated lyric video for 'Possession' and jam it now!

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New Music

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