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OVERT ENEMY Offer A Thrash Sermon For Their "Blood God"

Slayer worshiping Texas thrash? Yes please!


Overt Enemy have made a name for themselves in recent years as one of Texas's premier thrash metal bands. Having started as a Slayer tribute, the group has morphed into so much more. They are crafting a sound that embodies the magic of Texas metal. This new lyric video is for their track 'Blood God' which comes off of their recent EP, Possession. It's a rager with an anthemic chorus and mosh worthy grooves. The production is truly excellent on this track too. The listener can really find themselves getting lost in the classic thrash remonstrations of the band.

The lyric video itself is deeply engaging – it ties into the bands overarching backstory (Which I'll let them explain in a bit). There's definitely a lot of material here for super fans to dig into! For the casual thrashers out there, 'Blood God' is still a load of fun. It  wears its influences on its sleeve that will inspire vicious circle pits. What more could a metalhead want?

The band had this to say:

We worked with Scott Rudd (Opeth, Fit for an Autopsy, Thy Art is Murder) on a series of interconnected "shared universe" 3D lyric videos for our new album Possession. The video for Blood God is the 3rd in the series and continues the story of the "Genesis Origin Device or G.O.D." a sentient orb that is omnipresent, created in the future by humans, worshiped by some throughout time and used as a weapon by others. It takes place at an ominous fog shrouded Aztec temple and the lyrics to the song were inspired by the film Apocalypto."

From a musical perspective Blood God is definitely a head banger and is all about that kickass Texas groove. The song was inspired by our love of bands like Pantera, Sepultura and SYL. It has become a fan favorite with fans chanting "Let the blood flow watch it spill" at every live performance.


Watch the lyric video now:

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Want an in your face thrash attack? Overt Enemy bring it, and they bring it hard!