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OBSIDIAN TONGUE (FALLS OF RAUROS, THRAWSUNBLAT) Streams New, Blackened Instrumental Track

Make your wintry day even bleaker.

Obisidian Tongue 2024

Obsidian Tongue, the duo featuring Brendan Hayter (Shabti, Thrawsunblat, Obsequiae live) and drummer Ray Capizzo (Falls Of Rauros, Shabti, Panopticon-live), is here to make your snowy Tuesday that much more wintry thanks to their instrumental track "Bear At The Tree Of Light". The track closes Obsidian Tongue's upcoming EP The Stone Heart, which is due out February 2 and is available for pre-order here.

"This instrumental is a unique piece in our discography – it's born from an improvised series of melodies, repeated with various textures and tonal shifts," said Hayter of the single. "Some of our best material has come from improvisations that were luckily recorded, and this one really captures the urgency of being absolutely in the present moment, desperately interpreting segments of the infinite linear string of sound that musicians hear internally, often to the point of torment.

"It's also a masterful and creative mix courtesy of Dave Kaminsky, adding to the sense of mystery and gradual triumph with several layers of audio decimation and bit-crushing. We dedicated it to the Peter Birkhauser painting that graces the EP's cover by naming it after said painting, as the 2 works seem to resonate with each other in an uncanny way."

Obsidian Tongue is booking shows around the new EP including a headlining benefit on January 27 at Sacred Profane Brewing in Biddeford, ME.

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