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LAMB OF GOD Drops Killer Cover Song Under BURN THE PRIEST Moniker

Well here's a portion of the announcement, and it RULES!

Well here's a portion of the announcement, and it RULES!

Lamb Of God has been teasing Burn The Priest stuff for the last few days, but nobody's really been clear on what the meaning is. Burn The Priest was Lamb Of God's name from 1994 to 1999 before they switched over, and while there's still more news coming today, March 23, at supposedly 10AM, here's a portion of what that'll involve – a cover of The Accused's song "Inherit The Earth" under the Burn The Priest moniker.

According to an article in Decibel Magazine, the resurrection of Burn The Priest is for a covers album and not for a re-recording of the band's 1999 album. If this Amazon listing is to be believed, the cover album is called Legion: XX, is out May 18, and will feature the following track listing.

1. Inherit The Earth – originally performed by The Accused
2. Honey Bucket – originally performed by Melvins
3. Kerosene – originally performed by Big Black
4. Kill Yourself – originally performed by S.O.D.
5. I Against I – originally performed by Bad Brains
6. Axis Rot – originally performed by Sliang Laos
7. Jesus Built My Hotrod – originally performed by Ministry
8. One Voice – originally performed by Agnostic Front
9. Dine Alone – originally performed by Quicksand
10. We Gotta Know – originally performed by Cro-Mags

Frank had a chance to sit down with Randy and get some exclusive info on how the release came about:

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