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KYNG Goes Acoustic On New Album "Beyond The Dead Woods"


Kyng will release their acoustic album Beyond The Dead Woods on June 4, which will feature acoustic renditions of their favorite tracks.

The band comments: "A few years back, KYNG was finishing up a tour and found themselves stuck in Juárez, México. There was a little down time (about 2 days) to sit around, and absorb the last year of tour life. We decided, that since we have done so many acoustic radio shows, it was time to do something for ourselves!

"It had been on our minds to do this, so we went on to just record our own, acoustic versions of songs we’ve been asked to play. We called on Pepe’s long time friend, Omar “chinito” Villescas, who owns NorOriental Studio in Juárez, México, and decided to give it a shot. We had none of our own acoustic gear, so, chinito, made a call and we were able to barrow a hand full of guitars. We also acquired Pepe’s childhood drum kit to get the work done. We set up what we had, pushed record, and gave it all we could. Everything was a go; taking one shot with borrowed gear and a whole lotta of vigor to crank out a handful of acoustic KYNG songs. A very eerie tone was set in the dim lights of Juarez, taking in the energy of the city, we went for it. We deemed these tracks, The JUÁREZ SESSIONS.

"Years past, and we forgot all about the recording entirely; only to find out that all the vocal tracks where purged during a download. We called on Ronald Sandoval, at Rev Sound Studios in Chino CA, to put in some work and re-capture the energy of that night years ago. With the same mind set of “hit record and do it in “ONE SHOT,” Ron was able to capture a live energy in the vocals that mimicked the spirit of the original sessions. We are proud to bring you, Beyond The Dead Woods."

You can stream the first track below:

Pre-order "Beyond the Dead Woods" HERE.

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