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KYNG Releases Stop-Motion Video Inspired by the Vietnam War

Stop motion!

Los Angeles stoner metal trio Kyng just released one of the best music videos you'll see all year. "Haunting Visions" is a new song from the band, its first single in an attempt to move away from the album release format. The song and video were inspired by the Vietnam war but portrayed in a surprising way: with action figures and stop-motion video.

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The video description is as follows:

"We follow Private Lawrence “The Wolf” Stewart Tolbot III, who is wrestling with the idea of life as a marine ordered to take lives in war torn territory. Life becomes more difficult as Lawrences best friend is gunned down by “friendly” fire. Baffled and confused at the events ”The Wolf” falls back in to hiding, only to be found by Lieutenant LarjBals. Questioning Lawrence’s allegiance to the platoon, he demands “The Wolf” to execute a captured civilian as a blood oath of trust. What will Private Lawrence “The Wolf” do in a situation where love has no place…

"Directed by K.Hunter Lamar and Nick Shindzielos"

“'Haunting Visions' is a story about a Vietnam veteran who’s entire humanity was, for lack of a better word, transformed into and unrecognizable being," Kyng tells Metal Injection. "We jokingly claim that it’s 'based on true events (sort of)' because, though the mental transformation, in fact, happened, it’s not a visual, literal transformation as portrayed in the video.

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"Musically, it represents where Kyng came from and where we’re going. The idea is to eliminate stigmas and preconceptions by tapping into influences that might seem unlikely to the average listener. We hope you enjoy it!"

Watch the video now. If you like what you hear, you can catch Kyng at Metal Injection Festival.

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