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KIRK HAMMETT Contributed A Wah-Heavy Solo To The New GOODNIGHT, TEXAS Single

A very un-Metallica single all around.

Kirk Hammett
Photo by Brett Murray

Goodnight, Texas is now streaming their pretty stripped down new single "Runaways" featuring a guitar solo from Metallica's Kirk Hammett. The solo comes in around the 2:22 mark and is unmistakably Hammett – loaded up with wah phrasing, big old bends, and maybe a touch of that dry country twang Goodnight, Texas appears to be going for.

"This is the hardest we've ever rocked on a recording," said Goodnight, Texas co-songwriter Patrick Dyer Wolf. "That's thanks in no small part to an actual and absolute vintage Kirk Hammett wah solo on his legendary Greeny guitar, about which I am self-pinching daily. The main riff of the song had been lurking in my drafts like a caged animal since our last album, and at some point in the past year we decided it was time to set it free."

"We're not abandoning our banjos and mandolins, and in fact, there's banjo in there; if you squint you can hear it. For now though, we're slinging double electrics, Scott traded brushes for drumsticks, Chris is grinding the low strings, and we have a metal legend coming in at the 2:25 mark."

"Runaways" is set to hit streaming services on September 27.

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