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KING PARROT Violently Kills You Twice On "Die Before You Die"

It's probably about Australia trying to kill you.

It's probably about Australia trying to kill you.

King Parrot is from Australia, where everything is constantly trying to kill you on a daily basis forever. So it makes sense the band cranked out a song about dying before you're really dead, and I'd imagine it's about as violent as one of the 100,000 ways that country can kill you.

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So now we've got a song about twice twice, and a song about putting ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag with a potentially unrelated dildo hat. All we're saying that the band's new album Ugly Produce is out September 22 via Housecore Records, and the song titles are exactly as amazing as the songs they contain. So why not pre-order?

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If Ugly Produce ended at the halfway point, we might be heralding it as a modern masterpiece; we’d also be referring to it as...

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