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IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Release Cover of METALLICA's "Motorbreath"

It's the latest in their covers series.

Imperial Triumphant 2023
Photo by Shawn Brandon Media

Avant-garde-tech-black-death metal outfit Imperial Triumphant are back with another entry in their cover series and this time, they're playing a classic: Metallica's "Motorbreath."

The cover is very much done in Imperial Triumphant's style, with a cacophonous arrangement of instruments which gives the song a more chaotic feeling than the original version.

"As a metal band, only a fool would believe we aren't influenced by Metallica," says bassist Steve Blanco. "Many miles and hours traversing the Northern Hemisphere have we listened to the live and studio Metallica greatness from the 1980s and 1990s, and so have we decided to pay homage with a nostalgic cover from that earliest album recorded in upstate NY. Play it loud because metal is the law."

Whether you prefer this version of "Motorbreath" or the original, they're right about one thing: heavy metal is the law, so listen loud!

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