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Get Into SIXES, DOMKRAFT, DEAD WITCHES & More Via The Weedian Doom Compilation

High Reeper, Potion, Plague Of Carcosa and way more.


If you're into stoner and doom, then you've more than likely seen the Weedian page floating around. They've been pushing tons of cool bands over the years and now, finally, they've got their own compilation. The Weedian compilation is available for download for the very predictable price of $4.20, and features kickass songs from bands like Sixes, Domkraft, Dead Witches, High Reeper, Potion, Plague Of Carcosa and way more.

The Weedian speaks thusly.

"Weedian was started because I love music and most especially underground music. I wanted a way to be able to find and share cool bands with people who had the same taste in music that I do.

"So after a lot of thinking and some talking, I’ve decided to make a compilation of songs from some of my favorite bands, and Blues Funeral Recordings was cool enough to partner up with me to help bring it to you.

"This will be the first volume in the Weedian comp series. I chose these bands because these are who I’ve been digging a lot lately. Although it’s pretty heavily tilted towards doom, there are some stoner and other styles of bands in there. I hope that you enjoy the music and the sick artwork by Brouemaster who has been churning out some incredible stuff lately."

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