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Get Crushed By CAVE BASTARD's New Song "Neo-Genesis"

It's both cave-y and bastard-ey.

It's both cave-y and bastard-ey.

Cave Bastard, the band featuring drummer Marlon Matthew (Temblad), vocalist Steve Pearce, bassist Troy Oftedal (ex-Cattle Decapitation, Piglife), and guitarists Nick Padron (ex-Bridge Jumper) and Chase Ferguson(ex-Bridge Jumper), will put out their new album The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth on March 23. We're premiering the new song "Neo-Genesis" today, which is exactly as heavy as you'd think it is given the lineup. It's also a part of a much larger concept, as the band will tell you!

"'Neo-Genesis' is a part of the story of the Cave Bastard, which is the main theme of The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth. All of the pain, chaos, and torment that reality brings culminate into one being, as the song starts with, 'Pain sensory overload, fallen victim inhumane. Shocked system electrified, mutilated with hate.' That entity then becomes a catalyst, transcending the pain it endured to unleash anguish and misery upon all; the new purveyor of a new chaos. Anything and everything succumbs to its wrath, only seeking solace in death, for the fury unleashed is magnified from what had created the Cave Bastard in the known beginning: 'Corrupted creation rescinding salvation. Hope is lost; deteriorate. Reduced to nothing eternal. Slipping quickly insane, left to live no more. Desiccated remains, chaos reborn.' 'Neo-Genesis' is only one piece to this story, and more will be unveiled with the release of the second album, which is already being conceptualized."

Jam below, pre-order here, and see the band at one of their shows below the song.

3/24/2018 Unfair Oaks – Pasadena, CA w/ Ruin, Short Temper, Barrage, Lost Lands
3/31/2018 The Blvd – Los Angeles, CA w/ Vale, Arachnigod, Anshelm
4/19/2018 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA *Release Show w/ Nukem, Bad Acid Trip, Beekeeper

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