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GATES TO THE MORNING's New Album Return To Earth Is A Jazzy Metal Masterpiece

It sounds like a video game soundtrack.


Gates To The Morning, the jazzy black metal group headed up by jazz performance major Sean Meyers, will release their debut album Return To Earth on July 19. Return To Earth is 14 tracks that covers everything from Opeth dirges to Tool grooves, right down to the black metal fury of Darkthrone, all while heavily incorporating jazz influences into the mix. Frankly, I think Return To The Earth deserves a spot on everyone's year end list.

Here's what Meyers had to say.

"After a long wait I am very proud to finally release our debut full-length Return To Earth. It is a 14 track concept album that lyrically and conceptually deals with the challenges and triumphs, pitfalls and mountaintops of a journey of enlightenment. I am proud of all the musicians who played on this record and of all the different sounds and moods we were able to capture, it is an exciting beginning to the band looking ahead to a very creatively active future."

Pre-order Return To The Earth here.

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