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Feel Bad About Stuff With KING PARROT's New Song "Disgrace Yourself"

Oh Australia, never change.

Oh Australia, never change.

King Parrot's upcoming album Ugly Produce isn't even out until September 22, but it's provided us with quite a bit of entertainment thus far. We've seen a man in a dildo hat, were told to die before we die, and now we've been informed that we really ought to just disgrace ourselves.

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As usual, King Parrot firmly stands on the fence between punk rock and metal, all while being a ton of fun to listen to. Not to mention "Disgrace Yourself" is pretty short, so it's not like you've got to sit there for 9 minutes before things get to the point.

In other words, there's really no reason you shouldn't pick up Ugly Produce on pre-order!

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If Ugly Produce ended at the halfway point, we might be heralding it as a modern masterpiece; we’d also be referring to it as...

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It's probably about Australia trying to kill you.