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Ex-OBSCURA Drummer Hannes Grossmann Releases Anti-Christmas Song "Echoes Of Wisdom"

It's technical as all hell, as usual.


Multi-instrumentalist Hannes Grossmann, who résumé includes his own solo career alongside bands like Obscura, Hate Eternal, Blotted Science, and Triptykon, is celebrating Christmas with a very non-Christmas song. Grossmann has just released his new standalone single "Echoes Of Wisdom" that he's labeling "the ultimate Anti-Christmas single."

Released on Dec 24, "Echoes Of Wisdom" is the ultimate Anti-Christmas single. Expect pure chaos!!

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Despite featuring Hannes' unqiue drumming the track is quite different from his other releases and its style could be compared to bands like of Gorguts, Deathspell Omega or Ulcerate.

Grab the single here.

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