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DRAWN AND QUARTERED's New Song "Nefarious Rites" Will Rip Your Head Off

Well that was death metal.

Well that was death metal.

Drawn And Quartered will release their first album in six years next July and it's exactly as morbid, crusty, and downright disgusting as you'd hope it would be. We're stoked to give you all the band's brand new single "Nefarious Rites" today, which is the opening track of Drawn And Quartered's new album The One Who Lurks.

Here's what the band had to say.

An assortment of old and rotten riffs lurching and writhing. Corpse-grinding rhythms and heinous voices burst forth from decrepit graves. The words are spoken and the earth vomits death. Ave Sathanas.

Pre-order the album here.

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