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DEEDS OF FLESH Summon Our "Ethereal Ancestors"


After the 2018 untimely passing of Deeds of Flesh mastermind, Erik Lindmark left their unfinished and possibly final album in limbo, it seemed like a gap in his legacy tied to that band might happen. This is, of course, something separate from the legacy he built with Unique Leader Records, mainly so that we can focus on what we're here to talk about. Their often intertwined focuses with dual impacts are worthy of endless discussion though this is basic knowledge for anyone who is a fan of technical death metal.

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Arguably, even early Suffocation was a technical tour-de-force, yet, Deeds of Flesh were the pioneers to expand upon that framework in a hyper-technical sense for the generations to come after Suffocation began. For technical death metal on the brutal end of things, Deeds of Flesh created a new language and roadmap that has inspired and continues to inspire many of the best bands around. For that alone, they're legends, and, it's a miracle their (possibly) final effort, Nucleus, is finally going to drop on December 11th via Unique Leader Records.

As much as I'd love to write a few more pages about all this, the focus here is on the new Deeds Of Flesh overall. To that end, I'm proud we're premiering a new single called "Ethereal Ancestors" which features a killer guest spot by Cannibal Corpse's vocalist, George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher.  As I always try to do, I asked if I could get some more background information, and former bassist/backing vocalist from 1993 to 2007, Jacoby Kingston, who does the main vocals and some lyrics on the new release, kindly shared that "Ethereal Ancestors is one of my favorite tracks on the Nucleus album. The song features guest vocals from the mighty George Corpsegrinder and has super strong riffs, blasts, and vocal patterns throughout the song. Ethereal drives like a freight train all the way through and are super powerful. Getting to perform dual vocals with George is definitely one of the highlights of my death metal career. I think fans of both Deeds and Cannibal Corpse will appreciate this one!"

Jam out to this killer new tune. Pre-orders are available HERE and you can follow the group on Facebook HERE.

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