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DAATH Streams Rare 2009 Track "Liquid Memories"

A Japanese bonus track from The Concealers.


As Daath gears up to release their first new record since their 2010 self-titled, they've set up a new YouTube channel to release some old rarities. Daath has kicked things off with "Liquid Memories," which was a Japanese bonus track from their 2009 album The Concealers unheard by (likely) a lot of people.

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"As we get ready to release brand new music in October, we're going to be uploading some covers, bonus tracks, and unreleased tracks and demos we recorded back in the day," said the band. "We kicked it off today by uploading a visualizer for our song , 'Liquid Memories' which is a bonus track from, The Concealers. It originally came out in Japan only. I'm sure a FEW of you have heard it, but are even more sure that most of you haven't. Head on over to the Daath YouTube to check it out!"

Daath guitarist Eyal Levi has also offered the following regarding their new record: "We’re one week into recording first new Daath music in 12 years, and for the first time in my career, we started with rhythm guitars. Traditionally, on a metal record you would do drums first, then guitar and so on from there. Nowadays its common to track guitars first along to midi drums, then track the real drums to the final studio guitars. This has several advantages, mostly it gives the drummer time to adapt to songs and parts that are still fluid. I like to work on things up until the very end so this ensures that what the drummer tracks to are the final parts. It’s way easier and more organic to have the drummer just record the final parts rather than change them after the fact and have to edit something that didn’t actually take place. Our drummer starts his drum recording tomorrow.

"Back to guitars: We’re in the studio with John Douglass who has been doing an incredible job paying attention to every single last little detail. As far as what we’re doing on rhythms, it’s pretty awesome. After an intense shootout, we settled on the Mark Holcomb PRS 6 string with EMG Pickups, 7 string Holcomb with Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omegas, Schecter Guitars Mach 6 with EMGS, and a Mach 7 with Jupiters.

"There’s two tunings, CGCFAD and GCGCFAD. We’re using two guitars per tuning and quadding all the rhythms. Sometimes double quadding ( 8 )! It’s sounding ridiculously huge. Quadding EverTune guitars is the way and the light. Sidenote, John and I discussed putting out a video for URM Academy about how to actually track with Evertune because it’s not as straightforward as people might think.

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"Tone wise, we’re using the Neural DSP Quad Cortex on a 5153 emulation with a Bogren Digital Bogner cab. It sounds crushing. I’m sure Jens Bogren is going to reamp when he mixes, but either way, the tracking tone is sick. This is an exciting week coming up: Drums are being recorded, and Sean Zatorsky goes into the studio to do vocals with producer Andrew Wade. More details on that later!"

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New Music

Originally a Japanese bonus track in 2009.