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CLOUDKICKER's New Song "Ludendorffbrücke" Might be His Heaviest Yet

It sounds like a broken machine gun.


Cloudkicker will release his new album Solitude this Friday, September 8. The album features Intronaut guitarist Sacha Dunable on two tracks, neither of which "Ludendorffbrücke". Though it's still plenty heavy!

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Pre-order Solitude here, and keep an eye out for the Cloudkicker vinyl box set coming this Friday.

"Hello again everyone. Next Friday, September 4th is another 'Bandcamp Friday' and I'm going to take advantage of the coincidental timing by offering a bunch of preorders that day.

"First will be the 'Beacons 10-Year Anniversary and Bulk of the Series Box Set', tentatively priced at $75. This 4xLP will be a reissue of Beacons through Subsume featuring new and reworked art and reworked and–in the case of Subsume–remastered audio. It will be available in two color configurations: A 2-color opaque splatter that matches each disc to its reworked art, and a 'milky clear' version that matches all 4 discs to the new cover art. Each box will come wrapped in a hand-numbered and signed belly band.

Next is the 2xLP Solitude vinyl, at $28, also in two color configurations: a super cool black and blue 'galactic' haze and a coke bottle green in clear with coke bottle green splatter.

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I will also put up a preorder for a new shirt! It's new but also it's a redesign of the first shirt @charliewagers and I ever did together, and probably my favorite design of his. I don't know if you remember the "Mechahedron" shirt but this one will be called Mechahedron 2020. And since it's a preorder, I'll be offering sizes from XS all the way to 2XL and I'll just let it go for a while and fill the orders that I get. And if this one isn't your thing don't worry, I'm going to be doing more shirts soon.

Lastly will be a new thing I haven't done yet which is a die cast bronze lapel pin which I'll have up for $7. Charlie designed this to be abstractly coincident with the 4LP box set. It's very minimal and cool."

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