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CIRITH UNGOL Brings The Heavy Metal On "Velocity (S.E.P.)", Announces New Album

Cirith Ungol, back to show you all how it's done.

Cirith Ungol
Photo by Peter Beste

Heavy metal legends Cirith Ungol will release their second reunion album Dark Parade on October 20. The band is now streaming the debut single "Velocity (S.E.P.)" below, which is sure to spontaneously put a leather jacket and aviators on your torso and face.

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"It's about what happens when we sell that which we hold dear," said Cirith Ungol drummer Rob Garven of the single. "Our soul — if such a thing exists — our dignity, pride, and whatever else we have that will help seal the deal in an endless pursuit of money, power, glory and dominion over others."

"While talking with [vocalist] Tim [Baker] and Rob about what kind of song was needed, a decision was made to stop doing the galloping chugs, as done many times on previous albums, and start doing down-picking chugs while keeping some sort of tie to the Cirith Ungol sound," added guitarist Jimmy Barraza. "Straying toward a Sabbath or Priest vibe is not far off and happens subconsciously."

Cirith Ungol will also play a special record release show on October 20 at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA marking the band's first Los Angeles live appearance in thirty-five years. The performance will include Dark Parade in full alongside a handful of fan favorites. Pre-orders are available here.

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