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Rex Brown Selling PANTERA Gold Records & More Memorabilia. Is He Broke?

Anybody got $300 for a Cowboys From Hell gold record?

Anybody got $300 for a Cowboys From Hell gold record?

We got an email earlier today from Backstage Auctions, who proudly announced that Rex Brown will be selling private items from his collection on their site soon:

"I took a look at all of my old Pantera gear," says Rex. "I realized I had a ton of bass guitars, amps, cabinets, road cases and other great stuff just sitting in storage collecting dust. I felt they really should be in the hands of the fans who would love to own a piece of Pantera history. I have all my Pantera love and memories in my heart and soul. Of course, I am keeping a couple things that are important to me, but there is a lot of treasured items here and it's time for the next generation to care of them."

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Translation: I need cash!

In 2012, it was reported that Rex Brown owed the IRS close to $45,000 in back taxes. Now we have no indication that Brown hasn't paid that back or that the two are related, but you have to wonder, why is he selling all this merchandise now? The press release mentions no charity or other organization to which this money is going, leading me to believe Rex is going to pocket this cash. Who are we to judge though, right? If there is somebody willing to pay for this stuff and he has no need or value for it himself, then why not get rid of it in a public auction right? As we've learned from Vinnie Paul, record sales do not pay the bills anymore so you have to find new ways to secure income.

As for what's in the auction…

The collection will take your breath away. From his first bass guitar, a 1981 Ibanez, RS-824 Roadster Bass, that he used during Pantera's early club days, to the bass guitars that he recorded all the iconic albums with and toured the world several times over, it's all there. The auction will also feature the 1996 Stuart Spector Design LTD NS-5 #170 bass or otherwise known as "Brownie" that Rex used in Pantera's final concert and other guitars known from their epic videos.

Together with really cool stuff such as several pairs of his Converse sneakers, stage worn shirts, picks, bass strings, posters, guitar straps, promo items, record awards, amps, cabinets and road cases, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime auction.

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That's right! You can bid $300 to own a pair of Rex Brown's stinky Converse sneakers, which oddly is the same starting bid as the Pantera Cowboys from Hell gold record.

His famous 1981 Ibanez RS-824 is the most expensive item up for auction with the starting bid of $6,500.

You can view all the auctions here.

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