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VINNIE PAUL Says He Hasn't Lived Off Music Earnings Since 2000

Paul makes his money elsewhere.

Paul makes his money elsewhere.

Here's a really interesting, and somewhat scary quote from a recent Vinnie Paul interview with Metal Mouth. When asked about the success of his strip clubs, Paul owns four strip clubs in Texas, the former Pantera drummer mentioned how it's basically his main form of income now:

I don't get hands-on, no, but for the longest period of time, I spent a lot of time in strip clubs when I was on tour. When we would get done playing, I would take my entourage and we'd go down the strip bar and have a good time. It's a great place to go to where you're not surrounded by people that are always fans, signing autographs, taking pictures. There's beautiful girls there, there's good rock and roll music, there's drinks, and I figured I'd spent enough money in them, the only way I was going to get any of it back was to own my own. So I got involved in the ownership thing. I've always been a down-to-earth business guy. That was the beautiful thing about me and my brother as we worked together, is that I could be the business guy, and he could be the party-all-night-rock-and-roll-all-day guy, and he would be the life of the party and I would be able to make sure we were all getting paid and things were getting done right. I like being able to own things, to not have to depend on music to support myself. Music hadn't supported me since 2000. I mean, it really hasn't. I just do it because I love doing it.

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In addition to the strip clubs, Paul owns a sports bar, a music complex and three tour buses. So, he's rolling in it. But, what's interesting is that he just does music for the fun of it. His current project, Hellyeah, isn't exactly breaking box office records, but it's certainly selling. So, if that's not enough for him to live off, I wonder how the hell Chad Gray and the rest of them live?

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