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MEGADETH's VIC RATTLEHEAD Has His Own Funko! Pop Figurine

Another awesome addition to the Pop! Rocks series.


Funko's Pop! Rocks series—which has previously produced figurines of Alice In Chains, Rob Halford, Pantera, and hundreds more—has a new addition to its line of out of sight vinyl collectibles. And while it's hard to believe this hasn't happened already, Funko is finally welcoming Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead to their hard-rocking figurine family.

As of right now, Funko appears to be directing folks to Hot Topic to pre-order the Vic Rattlehead figurine, as no official product listing is available on the Funko website. That said, it's retailing for around $13 over at Hot Topic, and product is expected to ship in mid-February.

Check out the Instagram post from Funko below regarding the release. Love the suit, Vic!

Last year, Funko gave another metal mascot—Iron Maiden's Eddie—the deluxe treatment, with a 5-piece set of figurines each in their own iconic Eddie pose, highlighting his evolution throughout the years. To view the incredibly expansive Pop! Rocks series collection, feel free to visit the Funko website.

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