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EMMURE, ATTILA & I DECLARE WAR Compete To Create Most Derogatory T-Shirt

Which shirt is the most chauvinistic?

Which shirt is the most chauvinistic?

There is a new trend in t-shirt design for bands like Emmure, Attila and I Declare War. They are all on a mission to create the most derogatory t-shirt possible. I don't understand who would possibly wear these. Teenage kids? Would they wear these to school? Would they not get in trouble for that? Also, what self-respecting girl would respond positively to a guy wearing a shirt like this?

First up is Emmure with this tasteful ensemble:

Emmure offensive tshirt

Emmure have taken down the shirt after Lambgoat called them out on it, but claimed it wasn't because of the bad PR but rather because they "are constantly striving to produce new content for our listeners in all aspects." Okay, sure.

Next up, creators of the greatest hip hop video in heavy metal history, Attila, who popularized the phrase "Suck My Fuck." Their t-shirt requires some more reading skill, but is just as tactful as the Emmure shirt:

Attila classy shirt

Not to be outdone, I Declare War go full-on chauvinist with a woman exposing her bewbz with an I Declare War censoring her pancakes while on the back, they drop the C-bomb. All class:


So, now I want to ask you… which shirt of these is the worst (in turn being the best, because they are going for shock value)?

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