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Dude Who Bought All Those Guitars from MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine Puts Some Of Them Up For Sale

Got a couple of grand burning a hole in your savings account?

dave mustaine megadeth

Remember late last year, back before the world totally ended, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine put up a collection of 150 guitars up for sale, including a handful from his personal collection, and virtually the entire collection sold out the same day? It later came out that one person bought the majority of the guitars, Essex Recording Studios owner Keith Gannon. Gannon has now began re-listing those guitars on Reverb.

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At the time Gannon bought the guitars, he released a video explaining his intentions. Ultimately, he said he wanted people to play the guitars and was planning on making them available to play at his studios.

"I bought these killer guitars for anyone to enjoy here at the studio! Just get in touch if you're in the London/Essex area and you're more than welcome to swing by the studio and rock out on them." he said at the time.

Mustaine was asked by Rolling Stone at the time how he felt about one person buying all the guitars and he said "It’s pretty commendable. I’m willing, if I ever meet him, to sign them for him." The studio took him up on the offer and brought the entire collection for him to sign when Megadeth came to play in London with Five Finger Death Punch a few months back.

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It seemed like quite a brilliant PR ploy to get publicity for his studio. One Metal Injection tipster spotted that the studio has now began listing Mustaine's guitars in the studio's Reverb shop.

Only about a dozen of the 150 guitars are listed for sale with prices for each ranging from about $8,000 to as high as $65,000 USD, for a Mustaine personal prototype Dean V. Even though the prototype V is for sale, Essex Recording Studios is still actively advertising that musicians can come in and play the guitar at the studio space on their social media pages.

It seems they are adding new items from Mustaine's collection every few days, so keep a look out at this link if you've got a couple of grand burning a hole in your savings account.

[Thanks for the tip, Gerald N.]

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