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Buy A DEAFHEAVEN Sunbather Blanket To Keep You Warm This Winter

More like blanket metal, am I right?

More like blanket metal, am I right?

Winter can be a pretty brutal time of the year, even for all you black metal folks out there. Grim and frostbitten only works metaphorically or when you can safely look at said landscape from the windows of a heated dream house… or from under the warmth of a Deafheaven blanket. The totally trve kvlt band teamed up with¬†designer Nick Steinhardt to come up with the blanket, which you can buy here for $85 (while supplies last). Please remember to buy the blanket, as it's simply an irresistible item.

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No longer will you be hindered by sober restlessness or submit to the amber crutch so long as you own this blanket. It's like a dream, and you want to dream.

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