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STEEL PANTHER Still Trying To Make Their Faux-Reality Show a Reality

Death to all but reality shows.

Death to all but reality shows.

Steel Panther are insane, plain and simple. Yet much in the vein of bands like Ghost and Babymetal, they have their schtick and it's a good time had by all alongside pretty killer musiciainship… but what if that lunacy was bottled up and thrown into a faux-reality show? All we can say is bring that shit on!

A few years ago, Comedy Central commissioned a pilot, which had metalhead comedian Brian Posehn attached to co-star, and Jackass co-creater Jeff Tremaine attached, but nothing came about.

In an interview recently Journey of a Frontman, frontman Michael Starr said hope is not lost:

"Oh, dude, it's so laboring, dealing with this fucking TV show. Getting a record deal, I thought that was hard. It's like finding a golden nugget the size of your balls. It's really, really hard to get a record deal, but it's even harder to procure a TV deal. There's so much going on with it. So where we're at with it, we are in negotiations to start shooting. That's where we're at. We've been in negotiations to start shooting episodes for about a year now. It's like dating a retarded chick — are we gonna fuck or not? Either fuck or get out of bed. Our show's gonna be based on what people don't know about Steel Panther because there's a lot of awareness that could be raised about Steel Panther. And I think people will be engaged when they get a chance to see what we're all about. People hear about us, they know our names, and this way, they can see what's going on in Europe, what's going on in Australia, see how we actually live our life. I think it'll be pretty rad. We've spent Monday nights on the strip for fourteen years and that's the longest-running heavy metal show in the history of Hollywood. So we were thinking that we deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Part of the journey with Steel Panther will be us getting that star. Gotta fight the cause!"

Essentially what we're looking at here is the best thing to hit television since Rick and Morty. Hopefully, a network like IFC or Adult Swim will pick up the show.

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