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Here's Brendon Small's Perfect Response to Nicki Minaj Citing Metalocalypse As Influence for New Music Video

Why not just hire the team behind Metalocalypse?


Earlier this week, Nicki Minaj (who is not metal but bear with me here) released a lyric video for her song "Only." The video was criticized for exploiting Nazi imagery, which is an understandable leap to take. Here's the video:

I can see how people jump to those conclusions, the colors and the armbands certainly evoke Nazi memories, but come on, Minaj is not a nazi. Much like even though Mushroomhead evoked Nazi imagery, they are not nazis. But, I guess all the criticism got to her because Nicki felt the need to explain herself. Here is where the metal connection comes in:

She also said the director of the video was Jewish and even though she had nothing to do with the concept she takes full responsibility. End of story, right? Not until Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small has a second to chime in:

Brendon's response could not be more perfect. A hat tip to you sir! Our friends at Metal Insider got a far more thorough quote from Small explaining the sitatuon:

“They seem to be confused about art,” Small told Metal Insider. “Our video is influenced by Russian war propaganda art, very stylized WWII satire urging people to enlist in the DETHKLOK army. The story itself is about a man enlisting (and giving his life) to become a ‘klokateer’, which is a glorified Roadie. When we play it live people are pretty transfixed. I wanted to make a video that convinced regular people to join the army (granted, one that doesn’t exist) and who knows, maybe they would?

Minaj dressed people up like Nazis and held them captive by slowly speaking to them. Which, to me, is also funny.

Watching her video, I’m confused by how she’s influenced by us. And ultimately I don’t care, because I really don’t think she’s a Nazi – but that would be a funny reveal this point in her career…”

Meanwhile, we haven't gotten any new Metalocalypse in over a year, and while the Klok opera specia that aired last year seemed like a finale, Brendon Small teased that there was still more to come, whatever that means.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the amazing in-character interview I did a few years ago with Dethklok members Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar and Pickles the drummer. Listen to that here.

[h/t MetalSucks]

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