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Metal In The Mainstream

Metal Question on Last Night's Jeopardy! Proved Too Difficult For Contestants

Who is the metalhead on the Jeopardy! writing team?


There has to be a metalhead on the Jeopardy! writing team. In just the past few months, questions featuring Megadeth, Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch popped up on the popular game show. But on yesterday's show, the writers decided to get a bit more obscure.

The category was "Music I’m Not Familiar With" and the answer was "'My Midnight Things' was a 2018 hit for this metal band big on horror stagecraft, but you won't get 40 whacks at its name." Despite the hint at the end, nobody was able to call out that the question is "Who is Lizzy Borden?"

Borden himself tweeted the video and showed appreciation for being featured.

Maybe Lizzy can one day make it onto the show as a contestant, but he'd have to resist the urge to wager $666 as that has been banned.

[via ThePRP]

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Metal In The Mainstream

The answer involved Pantera and Motörhead.