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Metal Crimes

Walmart Shoppers Call The Cops On Metal Band For… Sitting In A Van In The Parking Lot

Posted by on August 12, 2019 at 2:43 pm

The cops were good sports and staged this photo.

Everybody is on high alert after the string of mass shootings over the last few weeks, including one in Dayton, Ohio that was enacted by a crazed person who happened to be a metalhead and followed leftists on Twitter. While investigators have said that the likely intent of his shooting was his troublesome misogyny (and not his political leanings or music interests), clearly a lot of people are on edge. Especially at Walmart, where last week a man was walking around armed and with body armor. I guess metal dudes in black shirts is just as bad?

At least that's what I assume when I hear the story of the metal band Torn The Fuck Apart (great name!). MetalSucks reports the band were on tour and stopped at a Missouri Walmart parking lot, and shortly after the group were approached by cops and were told that the cops got reports from shoppers of a suspicious van parked in the lot.

“In the morning we had stopped and parked in the back of the Walmart parking lot in forest park, IL to stretch out and grab a few things after a night off of tour and enjoying the Chicago Domination Fest. We had been there for about an hour as our drummer was inside the store getting a few things, and about 15 mins after he went in we heard radio dispatch from behind the van and noticed a cop car pull up behind us. Just as quickly we saw three more pull up and surround us.

“After a few minutes of answering questions, the cop said that they were there because they had received multiple calls about a dark van with “suspicious characters ” in it. After all IDs were checked they knew that wasn’t the case. The cops were very professional and respectful to us after they realized we were no threat to anyone, and they even took pictures with us as though we were under arrest, and played along with us to tell our drummer we had warrants and were under arrest when he came back to the van.

“We don’t blame the cops for doing their jobs; they handled it well. But it was upsetting that we had been profiled for the way a “metalhead” looks. This isn’t something we haven’t encountered before and life goes on. Now we get ready for our last show of the tour Saturday at the Chicago Domination Fest.”

The cops were even good sports and staged the photo at the top of this post.

Thankfully, something is being done about all this senseless violence as Walmart has began removing all violent video game displays in their stores. While not all, most Walmart stores also happen to sell actual guns. No word on if those displays will be removed as well.

Meanwhile, here is Torn The Fuck Apart:

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