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Trespassers "Poking Around" Home of Late ALL THAT REMAINS Guitarist Oli Herbert According To Widow

Authorities were notified

Authorities were notified

The widow of late All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert, Beth, posted a startling message on Herbert's official Facebook page moments ago.

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Beth spotted trespassers on their property snooping around the pond where Herbert had passed away. Herbert passed away at 44 years old in October, by drowning in a lake behind his home that was "inches deep" according to the Currant's viewing of police records. Herbert's wife claimed in a statement that a toxicology report found anti depressants in his system, but she has since removed that statement and been relatively inactive on social media until today.

The case is still unresolved, with police investigating the death as suspicious. People close to Oli have been searching for answers, with conspiracies being thrown around about possible causes of death. Now, it seems like some people are taking the conspiracy into their own hands. Beth posted this statement earlier today:

Hello everyone this is Beth.

I can’t say anything about the investigation because it is still open.

I am making this post today because something very disturbing happened yesterday; a group of four men trespassed onto my property to go poking around where Oli’s body was taken out of the pond. The police were called and a report was filed.

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I know that there has been a lot of talk about everything going on with the property and the estate. Without getting into too much personal estate/family information, whatever is happening with the estate and property it’s happening for a reason and under the guidance of attorneys. This house is still and will continue to be very much occupied and the family home. It is still considered private property and anybody who trespasses will be reported to the police and charges will be pressed for trespassing and disturbing the peace.

As much as some people are presenting themselves to know what’s going on with this estate, they don’t. If there is something that needs to be said regarding this estate, that information will be made on this page. For the record, none of Oli’s property or equipment has been sold or given away. The guitars, his equipment, and all of his personal belongings are in a secure, undisclosed location. Everything is still in my possession and NOT for sale.

Thank you all for your support during this difficult time.

The house was reported as being foreclosed recently. Attorneys for the bank that gave Herbert the initial $132,000 mortgage to buy the home filed a foreclosure notice back in June. Court records from Rockville Superior Court allege that Herbert hadn't pad back the loan. Records show Herbert never contested the foreclosure and the default motion was issued by the judge in September. The attorneys filed a motion last week to give them immediate possession of the home where Herbert's widow, Elizabeth, still lives.

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