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Metal Crimes

THE EXPLOITED Fan Stabbed And Killed In Russia For Trying To Stop Neo-Nazis From "Seig Heil'ing"

Posted by on February 23, 2017 at 1:11 pm

Another day, another story about Nazis for some reason. This time, the sad news comes from an Exploited concert in St. Petersburg, Russia, where a fan named Igor was stabbed after trying to get a group of neo Nazis from "seig heil'ing" outside the shot.

According to a poor translation from Life.Ru, Igor tried to get them to stop "зиговать," which literally translates to "zigovat," though if you search for the Russian term, you'll get tons and tons of images and pages about "seig heil." After he attempted to get them to stop, Igor was stabbed and later died from his wounds.

In St. Petersburg, after Saturday’s concert of the punk band The Exploited, which took place at the club “Cosmonaut”, killed one of the visitors of the event.

As it became known to Life, the house 15 Bronnitskaya street fight ensued, which ended in a stabbing, leaving 27-year-old Igor I. wounded.

Arriving emergency workers diagnosed the victim’s stab wound of the abdomen. However, despite the assistance provided, the young man died in a car during the medical resuscitation.

In the words of Catherine, the deceased friend, Igor together with a friend after a concert was near the club, when there appeared a group of young people, supposedly right-wing views.

– Igor asked them not to “zigovat”, after which the scuffle ensued, and he’s got a knife in the gut – told Life girl.
Eyewitnesses claim that the offender then fled the scene. Now law enforcement officers looking for him.
the young man’s body transported to his homeland, in Mogilev, where the funeral will take place.

The Exploited made a statement about the stabbing, though it doesn't seem like the band knows all too much about what really happened outside the show.

We have just been told that an Exploited fan had been killed outside our gig in Saint Petersburg after Saturday's concert which took place at the club "Cosmonaut".
Our condolences go out to his family and hopefully they catch the people who did this.
Fucking scummy cunts.
There are a lot of people here talking shit as if it is The Exploiteds fault that this kid got killed outside a gig, let’s get a few points cleared up.
If we had seen any cunt sieg heiling at our gig we would have had them kicked the fuck out. Also, if the people who are talking shit had seen someone do this then why did they do fuck all about it?

There was 1700 people at the gig ,
We had stopped playing 5 or 6 times due to the bouncers beating up the punks at the front of the stage.
Nazis skins or punks are cunts and are NOT welcome to our gigs EVER
once again, some people should think before they post shit up on our face book page

It's hard to gauge what the real feedback is here, considering The Exploited is deleting comments from people who are trying to state their views on what happened too.

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