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Metal Crimes

Mexican Band Dropped From Label After Posting Video of Vandalizing A Cemetery


In a case of when keeping it real (metal) goes wrong, Mexican metal band Thunderslave have been dropped by their label, Remorse Records, and their debut LP, Unchain the Night, which was scheduled for release later this month has been cancelled. All because they thought it'd be funny to vandalize a cemetery.

The video shows Thuderslave with members of Hellcharger giving the rest of us metalheads a bad name, as they desecrated various mausoleums, crosses and tombstones inside  Santa María Pantheon in Apodaca, Mexico.

Brooklyn Vegan translated the following post from Rock'n Norte:

They identify people who caused damage to a pantheon as metal bands.

After having dawned with damages in at least 5 tombs of the Santa María Pantheon, after a few hours a video began to circulate on the internet that recorded the authors of the destruction recognized as 2 metal bands (Hellcharger and Thunderslave) residents of Apodaca and Juarez, apparently they deleted the video and the Facebook pages of both bands but some fans downloaded the video before deleting it, here we leave the video.

No Remorse Records wrote of dropping the band: "It was just this morning, on 11th of June, where we were informed and found out what actually happened, involving Thunderslave. A company of young people entered the Santa María Pantheon, in the municipality of Apodaca, destroying tombstones, mausoleums and crosses, which they demolished. From the moment that there is already a video of the cemetery vandalism (that we just saw today) it makes no sense for the label to wait on police reports and other related news, since violence and vandalism are among the things against our ethics. We always support free will but we also have the right to set those LINES according to our ethics and label's professionalism. We also don't want to use such acts as "advertisement", so we have no other option than CANCELLING and DELETING this release and END our cooperation with Thunderslave and the members involved."

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