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Metal Crimes

Lacerated Enemy Records Accused Of Forging Band Signatures On Physical Merch

Well, this doesn't look great.

Well, this doesn't look great.

Lacerated Enemy Records is home to such bands as Vulvodynia, Veld, and Konkeror, and has been the home to such bands as Abominable Putridity and Cognizance. The Czech Republic-based label has been operating since 2004, and has recently come under fire for some allegedly shady business practices.

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According to both ex-signees Engorging The Autopsy and The Ritual Aura, Lacerated Enemy Records has been forged selling signed copies of each of their albums. Here's what Engorging The Autopsy had to say about the situation…

Hey guys, you may have noticed we've both been pretty quiet lately, along with us both being busy with our main projects there's been a lot going on in camp ETA!

Lately we've been informed that some of you guys have received "signed" copies of our album from Lacerated Enemy Records, this is something that truly caught our attention as we only ever signed 30 copies back in 2015 when we released "Bludgeoned To Oblivion" along with a few personal copies we've each sold, these copies you guys have received lately that are "signed" are fakes, the signatures are forged and do not match our own.

This is something we did not see happening as a lot of trust was given, some of you have even told us your CDs took longer than 6 months to arrive and your messages were ignored, we will be taking action immediately!

Engorging The Autopsy has since gone on hiatus due to the issue, saying they've "made the decision between ourselves to withdraw from Lacerated Enemy Records and go on hiatus for the foreseeable future."

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The Ritual Aura has voiced similar concerns about the label.

Its no secret why we left Lacerated Enemy, but the lack of respect and fraudulent behaviour on display here is disgusting. Signed copies are being forged and sold for more than regular copies and (from firsthand experience) bands are being underpaid, blamed for fuckups and delays well beyond their control – delays at fault of the label's lack of diligence .

As a community, we deserve better. As musicians, we deserve better.

If your band has been approached by Zdenek about a signing, I implore you to look at the track record of over the last year or two and reconsider, you'd be better off elsewhere.

Consumers, for the love of god stop funding this guy, anything available from LE is available directly from the bands themselves, the difference being that they'll actually see the money.

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Enough is enough.

We reached out to Lacerated Enemy Records and received no response regarding the issue.

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