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Metal Crimes

David Silveria Countersues KORN For $750,000

David Silveria wants to make sure his former Korn bandmates don't forget about him. Back in 2015,  he said his replacement in the band, current Korn drummer Ray Luzier "lacks groove" and called Korn bassist Fiedly "a cowardly little bitch."

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Silveria then filed a lawsuit against his former bandmates over what Silveria felt was unpaid earnings, saying he never gave up his ownership interest. Silveria and Korn settled out of court, and allegedly Korn paid Silveria a lump sum in exchange for signing over any rights to future Korn royalties. After settling, Silveria allegedly went to SoundExchange and tried to circumvent the band to get his cut of royalties.

Soundexchange did not want to deal with the band drama so they stopped paying anybody in Korn royalties under the matter was settled. So, Korn sued Silveria over that. At the time, the band alleged they were owed $290,000 in royalty payments.

Now, Silveria is countersuing. The Blast reports that the original settlement “omitted any reference to the 2003 agreement between the partnership and Sound Exchange. The Settlement Agreement was also silent on the issue of how Sound Exchange royalties were to be apportioned.”

Silveria claims he had no idea the band were getting payments from Soundexchange and entered the agreement without his knowledge. Among other charges, he is suing for breach of contract and asking for $750,000 in damages.

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Even though they are going through all this legal drama, Silveria said he would rejoin the band for a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. If the band would have him is a different story altogether.

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