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Metal Crimes

Axl Rose Calls Metal Indonesian President Coward After Unsuccessful Appeal To Prevent Execution

Axl Rose, decent human being.

Axl Rose, decent human being.

For weeks we've been telling you about attempts by various metal luminaries like Tony Iommi and Napalm Death's Barney Greenway to reach out to Indonesian president and renowned metalhead Joko Widodo to spare the lives of two metalheads, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, for attempting to smuggle heroin.

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Yesterday, Axl Rose tried to make a last ditch effort to appeal to Joko with a letter, but unfortunately it was too late. The two were executed late last night, along with six other prisoners. Only one smuggler was spared, Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso, as her execution is postponed according to Al Jazerra:

"The execution of Mary Jane Veloso has been postponed because there was a request from the Philippine president related to a perpetrator suspected of human trafficking who surrendered herself in the Philippines," Tony Spontana, spokesman for the attorney general said.

As a result, this morning, Axl Rose…a man who doesn't hear no very often, decided to lash out via a series of tweets calling the Indonesian president a coward for not even being present for the executions:

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It's commendable that Axl Rose is speaking out about these inhumane ways to deal with drug smugglers but, as MetalSucks points out, it seems to be lost on his fans, at least one fan in particular…

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