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Top 5 Costumes For Long Hair Metalheads

NOTE: The following article was originally posted in 2010, but is being reposted in light of the Halloween season.

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It's October!? Fuck this year went by quick, but I'm stoked none the less because that must mean it's Autumn here in NYC. This of course means my metal hoodie and beanie attire is finally back in fashion, and its about time to dust off your favorite atmospheric doom records such as Type O Negative, Agalloch, Insomnium, and Paradise Lost. After all, doom metal is best served cold. What this also means is your either the 2% of people who are prepared for Halloween, or the 98% about to embark on the thrills of last minute shopping. Whatever describes you best, one thing is for certain and it's that Halloween is a time for metal heads to shine!

Think about it, it's probably the one time of year those fist pumping douchebags are trying to look more like us. It'd be a shame to let that head of long locks, mosh pit facial injury, septum ring and scowl you've been practicing in the mirror all year long go to waste. I whole heartedly encourage my metal brothers and sisters of the world to get creative and run with the holiday that best reflects our scene, and maybe show others how it's done. How does one choose a costume though? I suppose thats the hardest part huh? Not being the idiot with the Scream costume is a good start! When I was younger there was only a handful of themes you had to chose from, but with the help of modern technology and internet sales there are literally thousands of options out there in various different materials that best suits the occasion. So without further ado I'm here to help you along with a few simple ideas and present my Top 5 costumes for metal heads (long haired edition)

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