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Top 10 Worst Crimes Committed by Black Metal Musicians

Posted on February 17, 2011

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3. Faust of Emperor Stabs Gay Man to Death

Bård G. "Faust" Eithun, former drummer for second wave black metal pioneers, Emperor, was convicted for the murder of Magne Andreassen, a gay man, by fatally stabbing him in Lillehammer, Norway on 21 August 1992. Faust was sentenced to fourteen years imprisonment, but was released in 2003 after serving nine years and four months. After his release, Faust has avoided any criminal activity and is presently drumming for Scum and Blood Tsunami, while acting as the main lyricist for Zyklon.

Some in the media speculated that the murder was related to black metal, satanism or fascism – Eithun later stated in an interview, "I was never a satanist or fascist in any way". Jørn Tunsberg of the band Hades Almighty also claimed that the murder was "an impulse killing" and that "it had nothing to do with black metal". Kjetil Manheim was a friend of Eithun at the time, and later remarked "the situation that Faust was in wasn't a good experience. He felt that he was attacked. He was in shock".

The metal world has been strangely quiet about this particular murder, which is odd due to the fact that many black metal musicians are able to build self-sustaining fan bases on a foundation of infamy. Perhaps his pure talent and involvement in one of black metal's most successful bands is enough to wipe the slate clean. Or maybe it's due to his reclusive demeanor and refusal to sensationalize the crime. (Unlike Varg Vikernes, who you'll be reading about shortly) Either way, Faust has been re-accepted into the metal community and has yet to stab anyone else… probably.

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