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Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012

[tps_header]Shopping for metalheads may not be easy, so we here at Metal Injection thought we'd throw in our two cents on suggestions for what to get your favorite metal head. Whether you are shopping for a son, daughter, relative, friend, significant other or just want to scare somebody, we have compiled the ultimate guide of sweet gifts for blasters, shredders and thrashers.[/tps_header]

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Fun Gifts

For a metalhead with a sense of humor…

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Shredder Cheese Grater
Metalheads love cheese, except for the lactose intolerant ones. This is not only a gag gift, but actually useful as well.
$9.99 on Amazon

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book
A quick and easy stocking stuffer featuring metal puzzles, trivia and various other fun games.
$9.95 on

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Metallica Monopoly
You can gift this to somebody who really loves Metallica, or really hates them. It works both ways. Also available in AC/DC variety.
$21.45 on

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012The Sword's "Tears of Fire" Hot Sauce
If your loved one is into burritos, and into getting a little kick with his hot sauce, then the Sword's "Tears of Fire" sauce is right for them. I feel sort of sorry for whomever you are gifting this to.
$10.00 on Tears of Joy Sauces

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp
For the musician on the go, this battery powered 1-watt amp clips onto any belt buckle. Warning: may cause rocking at late hours of the day.
$44.99 at Guitar Center


White Elephant Gifting

For the ironic metalhead (or a metalhead you hate)

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Slayer Christmas Sweater
If you want the person you are gifting to hate you and hate Slayer at the same time, get this for them!
Available at the Slayer web store

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Twisted Christmas by Twisted Sister
A holiday album by Twisted Sister so bad it inspired our very own Anti-Christmas special.
$9 on


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For the Metal informist…

For the type of metalhead, who loves to learn about metal…

Great documentaries:

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Metal Evolution
This highly recommended 11-part series goes traces the history of heavy metal back to it's blues roots, and shows you how it evolved to the sounds we hear today.
$44.99 – Buy on Amazon

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Metal: A Headbanger's Journey
Where it all started for the creators of Metal Evolution… the definitive documentary covering the history of the heavy metal genre, and the sub-genres spawned from it's creation. Interviewing a lot of the big names including Black Sabbath, Dio, Dee Snider and many more.
$12.99 – Buy on Amazon
Note: If you get this, you have to also include the sequel, Global Metal

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son Of A Bitch
A great documentary that follows around a living legend of metal. See what life is like for Lemmy, with nights spent rocking thousands, or quiet ones playing poker at the Rainbow or just at home with his endless memorabilia collection.
$23.28 – Buy On

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Get Thrashed
Get Thrashed is a really fun documentary, although far less polished than the previously mentioned documentaries. It follows the birth and history of thrash metal, and interviews a lot of the people who helped create it including members of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax, the Big 4 of Thrash.
$12.47 – Buy on


Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal
Author Ian Christe tries to do the impossible… write the definitive history of heavy metal. His thoughtful and passionate writing make it hard to put this book down.
$10.19 – Buy on Amazon

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012All You Need to Know About the Music Business, Eighth Edition
Whether your beloved metalhead is in a band, or looking to get a job in the biz, this very informative book by a music lawyer is a must have. Going over everything from how to negotiate with your label, to what your management is supposed to receive, this book combines the knowledge of every facet of the business into one easy to read guide.
$21.12 on Amazon

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012The Dirt: Motley Crue
Without question, the greatest metal biography ever written.
$19.80 – Buy on

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