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Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Music Consumption

We have to listen to our music somehow, right?

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Apple iPod Touch, 32GB
Also available in 16gb and 64gb variety, but we feel this is the perfect sweet spot for any metalhead. The best music player out there also comes with web browsing and full iOS capabilities (including the Metal Injection app).
$295 on

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Audio-Technica ATHM50S Professional Monitor Headphones
Speaking from my experience, these are the best pair of headphones I've owned, sound-wise, durability-wise, and aesthetic-wise.
$116.13 at

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Pioneer SP-BS41-LR Speakers
The model of computer speakers/monitors I use are no longer being created, so I chose these based on the immensely positive reviews of the product on Amazon. If you really love your metalhead, you will spare them from listening to metal on terrible computer speakers, and get them something more legit.
$158.89 on

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Jawbone BIG JAMBOX
I went on a road trip, and this bad boy kept the metal going for us the entire time, both on the road and at the place we were staying. Wireless send music from your iDevice.
$299.00 on

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable
Without a doubt, vinyl is the longest running music format that remains relevant today. If you're interested in kicking off your own vinyl collection we recommend this affordable player by Sony. With over 1,200 spins, my player still works as well as the day I got it.
$95.56 on Amazon

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For The Musicians

Everyday items for the musician in your life.

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Drum Dial
Fellow drummers know that tuning can be a real headache before a gig. With Drum Dial the guess work is done, and leaves you with a perfect tension in only minutes, no matter which room you're in. I recommend this for any drummer, especially if you play live shows.
$60.95 on Amazon

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Drum Hardware Bag With Wheels
If you've ever tried to lift a drummer's hardware bag, you know why everyone dreads this case. This durable hardware bag features wheels and steel frame construction that takes all the heavy lifting away. Save your drummer's back!
$159.99 on Amazon

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012 DiMarzio ClipLock Guitar Strap
One of the worst moments for a guitar player is when their guitar strap falls off during a live show. DiMarzio makes a clip locking guitar strap meant to avoid this very scenario. A must for those wild shredders out there. $16.20 on Amazon

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Stomp Classic Tuner
The Peterson VSS-C Strobo Series Stomp Classic Tuner is known for its incredible accuracy while still being a very light and portable tuner to have in your rig. It also includes support for 7 string guitars and many other stringed instruments.
$174.67 on Amazon

Give up? Go with Gift Cards!

Ok, if you're just too undecided, here are a few ideas for absolutely easy gifts that any metalhead would appreciate:

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Spotify Subscription
Metalheads love discovering new music, and if you want to help them on the path to discovery, we can't recommend a better service.
Available in Target Stores / Buy From Spotify Direct

Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2012Amazon Giftcard
If you're not feeling too creative, but still want to be useful, this is the way to go! You can get basically anything on Amazon, from music to gear anything. This is the equivalent of giving cash, but saying NO, you have to spent it on something other than lunch!
Buy at

That's all for our gift suggestions, submit yours in the comments.

Gift Guide compiled by Robert Pasbani and Frank Godla.

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