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Best of 2018

Amber Stevens's Top 5 Albums of 2018

Posted by on December 13, 2018 at 5:16 pm

Musically, 2018 seemed to be a year full of absolutes. I know what you’re thinking, “only a Sith deals in absolutes.” Well, I guess life is on the dark side sometimes. We’ve seen legendary bands like Slayer and Ozzy Osbourne throw up their horns for one final hurrah. We’ve also lost a lot of musicians, like Oli Herbert of All That Remains, Vinnie Paul of HELLYEAH, Jill Janus of Huntress, and many more. Yet there is another side to that coin; one of resurgence and the push towards longevity. It is the bands who continue to evolve and create that become the icons of tomorrow. It’s here that I like to focus. I’ve compiled my top five favorite albums of 2018 so far, with the reason being I am just too picky to have a top 10. As you look upon my little list now, I’d like to leave you with a quote from Semisonic: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


5. Nekrogoblikon Welcome to Bonkers

Who doesn’t love a band that has a kick-ass goblin for their mascot? I’ve always found them amusing, yet I still think they are really good as musicians and collectively as a band. I love the distorted, growly vocals over the upbeat music. The best part is that you never know what to expect – they go in so many directions and it's great.




4. Black Label Society Grimmest Hits

I love the grittiness of Zakk Wylde’s voice against the heaviness of the music. BLS has always been one of those bands that can pump me up or mellow me out – sometimes all at once.





3. Ghost Prequelle

This is just an all-around great record. It’s dark and heavy but also soothing and beautiful. What I love about Ghost is that they never cease to impress me. Who else could combine romance, Satan and apocalyptic doom and make it sound amazing?





2. Atreyu In Our Wake

Again, another band I really like. What makes this album special is that it not only ups the ante from previous albums, it actually stands for something. I always like it when bands are socially aware and take on the responsibility of trying to make a difference.





1. All That Remains Victim of the New Disease

This is not only one of my favorite bands, but an album that I can’t stop listening to. It is probably the BEST and heaviest ATR album in nearly a decade. The Phil Labonte is on the top of his game vocally. Anyone who’s ever liked their song “Six” will be very happy.









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