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Best of 2018

Tech-Death Tuesday: A Retrospective Look At The Best Technical Death Metal Of 2018

Hey there Tech-fiends, it's that time of the week again. I thought I'd do a year-end feature similar to how I ended my 2017 coverage, with another extensive best of feature for my favorite 2017 tech-death releases.

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Out of all the releases I’ll list in this piece here is my absolute top 15 tech-death releases of 2018 in no particular order:

If any of those names are new to you, be sure to click on them to check them out.

The following two lists below highlight the rest of my other favorite 2018 tech-death full-lengths and a secondary list for favorite EPs which will be unranked to save me the hassle of trying to place them in a highly specific order. Instead, place a little blind trust in me that each one listed is well worth investing time in or checking out at a minimum. Especially if it's by bands you haven't heard of so far, an important point of distinction since my goal with this column is to show you more of what's out there that's good beyond what most of us know.

I'm going to place all my lesser known favorites first overall, and the ones from established names after, that way you can get a sense of what you might have missed in 2018 in an easy streamlined way. Lastly, we all have different favorites, so if a favorite of yours isn't here, it just simply didn't pan out as a favorite of mine for the year. Hopefully, you will find some good new music you didn't know existed until now, that's the real goal here. Each release listed below hyperlinks to it's prospective Bandcamp pages in order to make checking these out easy. Happy hunting. *Some of the ones below are ones I didn’t get to covering here so even if you follow this space I urge you to check the two lists below. Likewise, there are a few more 2018 releases I’d prefer to highlight next year in full so a few missing here may be featured early next year in this way.


Xenosis – Devour and Birth
Clavicus Vile – The Nightspirit's Call
Exterminatus – Laniakea
Misanthropy – Abhorrent Metamorphosis
Aparia – Beyond The Walls Of Man
Nails Of Imposition – Surpassing Carbon Decay
Kairos – Simulgression
Sleep Terror – El Insomne
Burial In The Sky – Creatio et Hominus
Replicant – Negative Life
Decrescent – Blackened Bequest 
Apophys – Devoratis
Nostril Caverns – Sanity's Unnecessary Elaborations
Apocrophex – Æternalis
Unflesh – Savior
Nightmarer – Cacophony of Terror
Unbirth – Fleshforged Columns of Deceit
The Beast of Nod – Vampira: Disciple of Chaos
Exlimitir – It Weighed Itself In Silver
Pestilent Reign – Pyres
Gourmand – Blossoming from the Grave
Dysmorphic – An Illusive Progress
Exocrine – Molten Giant
Cognitive – Matricide
Inferi – Revenant


Hatalom – Of Sorrow And Human Dust
Hadal Maw – Charlatan
The Odious Construct – Shrine of the Obscene
Cruelty Exalted – Cruelty Exalted
Mordant Rapture – The Abnegation
Blame – Almanac
Where Deprivation Lies -Psalms to the Synthetic Divine
Dischordia – Binge/Purge
Karmacipher – 陣獄
Hatred Reigns – Realm I: Affliction
Samskaras – Lithification
The Arsonist's Daughter – Mnemonist
Terminal Function – The Great Liberator
Autotheism – CLSTVM: Dogma Sculptured in the Flesh

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