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The 10 Best Joey Jordison Video Clips On The Internet

joey jordison vol 3 slipknot

As the world mourns the loss of prolific multi-instrumentalist Joey Jordison, I found myself revisiting his work like many other fans out there. You may know Joey as the drummer of Slipknot and guitarist of Murderdolls, but with a line of additional accolades including Scar The Martyr, Sinsaenum, and Vimic he leaves a lifetime of work for us to cherish beyond his years.

As the man who brought death metal drumming to a mainstream audience in ways it's never seen before, I salute Jordison and honor his memory as we fall down this rabbit hole of memories. Here are some fun videos to remember this beast of a musician by.

Slipknot "EYELESS" Intro

Where it all began and the world was introduced to the fury style of Jordison in a song that consists of death metal, trip-hop, drum and beat, and nu-metal all in one.

Slipknot's Crazy Pentagram Drum Solo

Slipknot's production soared to new heights and the pinnacle was Joey's insane drum solo, not only revered for his playing but the production and showmanship behind it.

Metallica "Creeping Death"

Remember that time Jordison filled in for Metallica? Yeah, we won't forget it either.

Roadrunner "All-Star Sessions" 

Back in 2005, Roadrunner Records organized a project to celebrate its 25th anniversary in style. As a team leader, Joey Jordison was able to work with some of his heroes on the album and this affectionate video is a prime example of why we miss him.

Korn "Blind"

In 2007 Jordison filled in for the Nü-metal giants, after original drummer David Silveria left. The band has never been the same since.

Slipknot "Disasterpieces" DVD

Disasterpieces was a DVD set released by Slipknot in 2002 that included their Live in London show. Beyond the fact it's the metal giants in what many consider their prime, and what vocalist Corey Taylor calls "one of my favorite concerts ever", it was also captured by 26 different cameras and includes drum-cam only portions to admire Jordison's work up close and personal.

Joey performing with System Of A Down

In 2012 System Of A Down invited Jordison on stage to perform "Suite-Pee" while their drummer John Dolmayan had some fun with the crowd. As you can see, Joey did a great job!

Jordison performs with Rob Zombie

At the 2010 Revolver Golden Gods award show, Rob Zombie's band was rounded out by having Joey perform on drums, and honestly, he fit like a damn glove!

Joey Performs (sic) with Slipknot Fans on The Street

Many years after he was removed from Slipknot, Joey remained a man of the people as seen in this incredibly touching video where he performs with fans on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina for no other reason than love.

Emotional Golden Gods Acceptance Speech 

I can't think of a better way to end this list than with Jordison's 2016 Metal Hammer Golden Gods acceptance speech that tugged at our heartstrings and brought us further adoration for the man who not only changed the face of extreme drumming but continued to fight everything in his way until the day he died.

Rest in peace Joey Jordison, a great man, a great drummer, and a great inspiration. You will be missed.

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