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OLD MAN GLOOM, Please Stop Teasing Me

Posted by on July 25, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Earlier this year, Kurt Ballou announced he is beginning work on producing a new album from Old Man Gloom, a band that features his Converge bandmate Nate Newton and Aaron Turner of ISIS amongst others. Turns out it was his version of a late April Fool's joke. Or was it? An image (possibly photoshopped) of a Hydra Head ad, which features a book spine that says "OMG 5 2012", whilst a robed Nate Newton stands not too far away. The trouble is, I have found two versions of this image: one with the text on a book, an one without. Which one is the real copy? Is this a clever Hydra Head marketing ploy or just some asshole who photoshopped this to get me excited. Either way, please stop playing with my emotions and tell me what I want to hear: a new Old Man Gloom record is on the way!

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